Come to a skilful behaviour teaching group, where the focus is on active learning

With the Life Skills Programme, you will learn a series of invaluable skills such as:

The programme focuses on helping you develop a better sense of who you are. This is done through the skill of mindfulness - living life in the moment. Mindfulness skills also help you develop a better sense of being in touch with life around you.

Distress Tolerance
Learn the skills necessary to tolerate distress when change cannot immediately happen. Learn to be able to get through the moment without making it worse.

Sensory Modulation
Learn the empowering tool of sensory modulation to help you effectively respond to and manage distress.

Emotional Regulation
Learn how to deal with strong emotional responses over time. None of us can completely control our emotions (nor would we want to) but we can develop better control over them so that we can become more naturally emotionally stable over time.

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Learn to use effective communication skills to improve your ability to relate well. Interpersonal effectiveness helps you to deal with anger and conflict, to ask for what you want or need, and to say no to unwanted requests or demands.


The Life Skills Programme is facilitated by two to three DBT trained and experienced clinicians.

Nicky Harvey, Nurse Therapist (Director)
Kathryn Ryan, Psychotherapist
Philippa Coyle, Psychotherapist

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The programme works from a non-judgemental stance which provides the basis for self-acceptance.

This can help you recognise and accept that although you are currently doing the best you can, it’s possible to learn other ways of handling situations that might be more effective.

The skills you acquire with this programme will prove to be invaluable in your life as you begin to change in your thinking and perceiving to become a happier, more able version of yourself.

Life Skills Programme Group Session Info

Group Sessions

This programme consists of 20 sessions, lasting an 1 hour 45 minutes each. There are places for approximately 10 to 12 people in the group. Light refreshment on offer.

Life Skills Programme Pre-Group Interviews Info

Pre-Group Interviews

Participants will be asked to attend a pre-group interview. This offers an opportunity to make sure that the group and you are a good match and that it addresses the problems that you are experiencing.

Life Skills Programme Fees Info


Each individual group session costs $90.

Life Skills Programme Cancellation Info


The group sessions will be charged one week in advance. Individual cancellations are charged for, unless otherwise negotiated with the facilitators

Life Skills Programme Confidentiality Info


We ask that group members keep confidential any personal information that might be shared in group, including names

Life Skills Programme Confidentiality Info

Follow Up

An evaluation form is given out at the end of the course. This feedback gives us information which we will use to develop the programme.

Please feel free to download the Life Skills Programme brochure below for your own reference or if you'd like to send it to someone you think can benefit from this programme